Cursive is Cool 2019 Writing Contest

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Cursive is Cool 2019 Writing Contest
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The Cursive is Cool 2019 Writing Contest is underway through March 8, 2019!

“There are three separate contests:  USA, English Canada and French Canada…”

In my National Handwriting Day 2019 post yesterday I mentioned the annual writing contest by The American Handwriting Analysis Foundation was beginning.

Cursive is Cool 2019 Writing Contest

Let’s begin with this complete Contest Details Cursive is Cool 2019 Writing Contest PDF Link including judging criteria.

In addition, it is open to “All students are welcome to enter from grades 1st – 6th.”  

Image Campaign for Cursive is Cool 2019

Image Campaign for Cursive 2019

Furthermore, over at the send2press site yesterday, I’m including this Press Release excerpt.

“The American Handwriting Analysis Foundation organizes the annual Campaign for Cursive® contest in the USA and Canada. January 23 is the date associated with the birth of John Hancock. Legend has it that Hancock, known for his large and showy signature on the U.S. Declaration of Independence, purposely enlarged his signature so “King George can see it without his spectacles.”

Campaign for Cursive® offers three contests: one in the USA and two in Canada (one for English writers, one for French). Grade 1-6 students have the chance to test their cursive skills as well as their creativity in answering one of the posed questions.”

Lastly, at their site, it has a wealth of information on cursive, including becoming a Certified Cursive Coach for learning to teach handwriting!

In conclusion, tomorrow finds us ONE week away from #InCoWriMo2019 Letter Writing event for celebrating writing one letter each day in February!

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Cursive is Cool 2019 Writing ContestCursive is Cool 2019 Writing Contest Attribution & Thank you to the following who I am referencing today

Campaign  for Cursive, image

send2press Press Release  Cursive is Cool Handwriting Contest Launches in USA and Canada on National Handwriting Day 2019, excerpt. @AHAFpr @Campaign4Cursiv #cursiveiscool #NationalHandwritingDay

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