Habit Tracker Checkboxes Washi Tape

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Habit Tracker Checkboxes Washi Tape
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Discovering this roll of Habit Tracker Checkboxes Washi Tape is especially fun – creatively using it with my letter writing AND with my daily food journal.

Each week I create a weekly summary grid in my food journal for the recap. I’m seeing wonderful ways to incorporate the Habit Tracker Checkboxes Washi Tape among those recap pages.

Habit Tracker Checkboxes Washi Tape by INKBYJENG

This is a link to Etsy Shop INKBYJENG.

Habit Tracker Checkboxes Washi Tape.jpg“The washi tape was designed by INKBYJENG and fits a 5mm grid.

Color: Black and white. The white tape is slightly transparent, but not as transparent as the 7 rolls of Calendar Washi tape. You can still see the dots behind the grid.

7 Column Washi Tape

Perfect for Habit Trackers or Weekly Task Lists

Writing on washi tape requires pens that can write on slick surfaces. I recommend Bic! Marking Permanent Pens in Ultra Fine.

– 40mm width
– 10m length”

Washi tape does enhance my use of stationery. I’m looking forward to adding the Habit Tracker Checkboxes Washi Tape to my stash! Have fun seeing if this isn’t something you’ll be finding all kinds of uses with letter writing and craft projects. Is tomorrow already Friday? Stay warm!

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Habit Tracker Checkboxes Washi Tape, image, excerpt

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