QWERKYWRITER® S COLOR Typewriter Inspired Keyboard

I’m seeing one can preorder the QWERKYWRITER® S COLOR Typewriter Inspired Keyboard; the shipping is to begin in March 2019.

There is a gorgeous mint, pink, and white colors for the “QWERKYWRITER® S TYPEWRITER-INSPIRED® MECHANICAL KEYBOARD”.

In addition, there are some really cool QWERKYWRITER® S COLOR accessory items too! (That link takes you to see it all!). The pricing is showing less than three hundred dollars each, with “US layout”.


Furthermore, from the indiegogo crowdfunding site, it is showing it to be in the Production Stage currently.

Also, here is a brief description.

“The best-in-class retro typewriter-inspired mechanical keyboard, the original QWERKYWRITER® with patented design features is available exclusively on INDIEGOGO! The QWERKYWRITER® S comes in Pink, Mint, White, and Black. The new S features All Metal Construction, Cast Aluminum Programmable Macro Return Bar, Integrated Tablet Stand up to 12.9 inches, Dual Function Scroll Knob for Volume/Page Scroll, Wired USB with Anti-ghosting, Bluetooth Wireless up to 3 devices, Typewriter Keys, and more!”

Mint QWERKYWRITER® S COLOR Typewriter Inspired KeyboardHave fun looking around at it! See if you don’t start leaving some early Valentine’s hints for preordering soon! It does say the availability of the colors is limited.

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