Brians Blog-A-Ma-Jig Typewriter in Dishwasher Lessons

We are enjoying today the informative recent posting over at Brians Blog-A-Ma-Jig sharing best uses of cleaning our Typewriter in Dishwasher Lessons.

Before beginning, today is AnchoredScraps daily blog post #1575 on the countdown to #1600!

1-consul-in-dishwasher Brians BlogAMaJig

Brian’s Blog-A-Ma-Jig Typewriter in Dishwasher Lessons

First, I’m including this photo from the post which says it all!

In his May 10, 2019 post, “When (and when not) to put your typewriter in the dishwasher” you will enjoy reading it.   It is worth noting the time to take us through step by step through his process of discovery. It is fun reading his best uses for the dishwasher with why and how for leveraging its use.

Furthermore, his blog, Brian’s Blog-A-Ma-Jig, “Various writing about various things” is regularly listed in The Mighty Blogroll at The Typosphere.

Have fun exploring the site and reading the typewritten messages with each post.

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Brian’s Blog-A-Ma-Jig Typewriter in Dishwasher Lessons Attribution & Thank you to the following I’m referencing today

Brian’s Blog-A-Ma-Jig

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