A World War II Story Dad’s Letters Home

With Father’s Day this weekend, this 2006 book is catching my attention, “A World War II Story Dad’s Letters Home” by Elaine Pelletier Holland, Norman J. Pelletier. What caught my eye about this book is it shows them in the letter writers own handwriting, and the location includes the South Pacific. It has me wondering if any of their letters were like those from the  Photographed Letters on Wings V-Mail book in my 6-06-2018 blog post.

A World War II Story Dad’s Letters Home

This excerpt I’m including is from the Overview.

“Mom saved all of Dad’s letters and pictures that she received from Dad while he was in the military service during WW II. She passed them down to her children before she died in 1999. The authors felt that this book would be a wonderful legacy for their family and for their future generations… These are Dad’s original, personal letters to Mom, full of love for her and his baby daughter. You will read them in his own handwriting.

The authors present their father’s letters in the order that they were written. They reveal the hopes, the fears and especially the dreams of all men and women who serve in wars. When reading these letters, you sense that you are looking over his shoulder as he writes, feeling what he is feeling.”

I’m seeing new paperback copies of it at both Barnes & Noble, and at Amazon (1st Edition), with the same pricing of $32.50. In addition, there are numerous used copies available beginning at $12.

One of the Guest reviews I came across, at Barnes & Noble, is giving it 5 out of 5 stars.

“It’s so wonderful to read those authentic letters from that soldier written in his own handwriting. In essence this is a true story in history. 

I loved this book. The authors did a wonderful service and testimonial to there deceased Mom & Dad. It’s heartwarming, full of love for his family and lots of information on behalf of this soldiers story and what it was like for him and others in the South Pacific.”

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