Recalling the Waffle House Index Finds Me Thinking of the Buttered Waffle Rubber Stamp

After watching the weather forecasts today, I’m hoping the Buttered Waffle Rubber Stamp is as close as we get with Hurricane Dorian. It has me recalling the Waffle House Index from my blog post last year: Waffle House Index & Postcards (9-10-2018).

Redbubble Waffle House, Atlanta, Georgia Postcards, image

“The Federal Emergency Management Agency even measures the severity of a storm’s damage by something called the Waffle House Index.”

For today, I’m thinking the Buttered Waffle Rubber Stamp 3769 at Etsy is the way to go!

“Rubber stamp perfect for scrapbooking and art making.
Hard detailed images are deeply pressed into genuine red rubber. Next using a magnifying glass we trim the image and cushion together on a scroll saw with a close and perpendicular cut. The wood mount is smooth hard maple, 3/4 inches high with curved sized, custom cut to fit the image. The image on the top is permanently stamps with jet-black printer’s ink. 

NEW stamp 
1.5 inches by 2 inches”

It is selling for $9.00 on Etsy at 100ProofPress from Ohio.

Here’s to hoping we do not have mandatory hurricane evacuation déjà vu.

See you tomorrow for my Wednesday blog post.

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Buttered Waffle Rubber Stamp Attribution & Thank you to the following who I referenced above –

Buttered Waffle Rubber Stamp

Redbubble Waffle House, Atlanta, Georgia Postcards, image

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