LAZA Letter Opener by Kosha

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LAZA Letter Opener by Kosha
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We are kicking off the new week with the LAZA Letter Opener in the shape of a bird (swallow).

“Our Laza letter opener elevates the mail opening to a moment of joy and poetry.”

First, there is this three minute YouTube video from the Kosha website. It includes designing in Switzerland and manufacturing in Italy.

Next, this excerpt about the design.

“It elevates the ordinary – the mail opening – to an exclusive experience. Its shape is inspired by the Swallow, with its long and slender tail. The Swallow is a good omen worldwide, symbolizing freedom, happiness, luck, and purity.”

Additionally,  in case wanting to read up more about the stainless steel Laza Letter Opener, I’m including the 2015 Kickstarter and Indiegogo links.

Finally, I’m finding it available for ordering online here at globalbigs right at $35.00.

Here’s to a great week ahead!  See you tomorrow.

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