Thanksgiving letter writing season is upon us

My blog post title this morning is “Thanksgiving letter writing season is upon us”.  I’m taking a few minutes to frame the blog posts we will be seeing in the coming days.

With Thanksgiving two weeks from tomorrow, there IS still time for sending a few letters to others during this season of Thanksgiving that is upon us.

Thanksgiving letter writing season is upon us

Thankful Stationery
From my 11-19-2015 blog post. It is RARE for me to use the same header image twice with my blog posts here at AnchoredScraps, today is one of them!

It has been on my heart recently with thinking of the upcoming Thanksgiving for reiterating how the simple act of sending a note can mean so much – for the person receiving and the person writing.

There are so many examples and I’ll be focusing on a different one each day beginning tomorrow. My sincere thanks to several of my email blog subscribers here who have been emailing me recently. AND a shout out for how wonderful it is for making time to have tea with friends in real life!

For today, I’m including this link to one of my first Thanksgiving season blog posts here on Thankful Stationery 11-19-2015, four years ago!

Image shown is from the

Call for Grateful Thankful Printables!

One of the things I’m looking at is creating a series of printables for free for sharing here with themed blog posts.

Furthermore, if you are feeling artsy and have a Thanksgiving-related themed printable pdf you would like to share here, please contact me.  I’ll circle back with you and we can look at having me include in a post here crediting you.

Thank you for joining me today, until tomorrow!

Anchors Aweigh,  


P.S. Continuing to make progress behind the scenes of working on updating the design layout for the AnchoredScraps landing page. Not to worry – will announce prior to flipping it over before year-end.

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