Enjoying Go! Go! Cory Carson & Hot Wheels Commemorative Panel

Seeing the new Netflix Jr Season 1 of Go! Go! Cory Carson is inspiring today’s post on the Hot Wheels Commemorative Panel from 2018.

This week I have been learning about Cory Carson and even viewing my first show of it.

“‘Go! Go! Cory Carson’ is based on the ‘Go! Go! Wheels Toy Line’, and tells the story of the adorable kid car, Cory, as he gets entangled in numerous escapades around Bumperton Hills.”

Available over at the USPS Postal Store one can still purchase the Hot Wheels Commemorative Panel. 

I am including this link to a previous post on the USPS Stamps Commemorating Hot Wheels’ 50th Anniversary 8-16-2018. 

Back to Cory.

“‘Go! Go! Cory Carson’ is about a young and lively kid car Cory, who lives with his family in the quaint town of Bumperton Hills…”

“‘Go! Go Cory Carson’ season 1 released on Netflix on January 4, 2020. The series features seven episodes with a run-time of 7-10 mins each.” 

It continues to amaze me how IRL (In Real Life) items going on make some aspect into writing a daily blog – which makes sense given February will be five years of posting daily.

If you get a chance, I hope you’ll check out both items above today.

Anchors Aweigh,  



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