Whimsical Polaroid Sticky Notes Options

Whimsical Polaroid Sticky Notes Options is our blog title today. There are three: the Polaroid Sticky Notepad by DuruNar, Mustard Photonotes, and 3M Pop-Up Note Dispenser Yellow Sticky Notes.  

Before beginning, Valentine’s Day is one week from today!

Polaroid Sticky Notepad by DuruNaru

First, we are looking at the Polaroid Sticky Notepad, it is one of the design offerings by DuruNaru on Etsy

“This beautiful Sticky Memo comes in 4 different designs: Cash Register, Mailbox, Polaroid Camera and Typewriter.”

Polaroid Sticky Notes OptionsFurthermore, it is laying flat within the calendar and planner pages. 

“Quantity: 20 sticky sheets
Material: Paper
Made in Korea
•• Non toxic, No smell”

Mustard Photonotes

Mustard Photonotes Polaroid Sticky Notes OptionsNext, the Mustard Photonotes is another Polaroid Sticky Notes Options, this one also at Amazon.

  • “Dress your desk with Mustard photo notes
  • 100 x sticky notes for all your best and brightest ideas
  • Notes contained in a retro Polaroid camera dispenser for ease of use”

3M Pop-Up Note Dispenser with Yellow Sticky Notes

3M PopUp Note Dispenser Polaroid Sticky Notes OptionsLastly, there is a Polaroid camera-shaped 3M Pop-Up Note Dispenser available at Amazon; however, it is not going to be something to carry around within your planner pages as it appears to be a true size dispenser. 

“Pop-up note dispenser Yellow 45 sets/pad. 3M touches virtually every part of your life. Yet you’re probably only aware of a fraction of those touch-points…”

In conclusion, have fun exploring the Whimsical Polaroid Sticky Notes Options. 

There is still time for getting our Valentine’s into the snail mail for next Friday!  See you tomorrow.

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Whimsical Polaroid Sticky Notepad Attribution & Thank you to the following I’m referencing today

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Mustard Photonotes – New Dispenser

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