Happy Easter 2020 and movie The Two Popes

Happy Easter 2020! So many wonderful things today. First, a reminder of the Andrea Bocelli Easter Sunday Live Music for Hope April 12 today on YouTube! Thanks again to Vicki.   And if you are looking for a wonderful movie to watch, over on Netflix is The Two Popes.

We are beginning with the two-minute movie trailer. My thanks to Ellen for sharing with me about the film.

Happy Easter 2020 and movie The Two Popes
Clickable image to movie trailer: The Two Popes, Official Trailer | Netflix  2019, PG-13

The Two Popes

It premiered on November 27, 2019. The writing is excellent. Netflix link.

“At a key turning point for the Catholic Church, Pope Benedict XVI forms a surprising friendship with the future Pope Francis. Inspired by true events. Starring: Anthony Hopkins, Jonathan Pryce, Juan Minujín'”.

Netflix offers a free 30 day trial for viewing, in case you do not already have a membership.

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Before wrapping up today, if you are new or wanting to go back and enjoy reading again, here is a summary listing for my previous Easter posts.

Here’s to a joyous day ahead. Happy Easter 2020!





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Netflix film The Two Popes

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