Upcoming Holiday Forever 2020 Stamps

The Upcoming Holiday Forever Stamps 2020 are arriving, with the Holiday Delights booklet tomorrow, and the other three in October. Happy Wednesday morning, especially with the cooler September weather the past few days. 

If you have been putting off getting that photo taken for including with your Holiday cards this year, this weekend may be a great time to get out the tripod and self-timer and snap a few photos! I was thinking it may be helpful and it is so timely knowing what is coming with the upcoming Holiday Forever 2020 stamps.  

Tomorrow the Holiday Delights booklet of twenty Forever stamps is debuting with four designs (September 24). Then in October, there are three more Holiday Forever 2020 Stamps arriving on three different first-day-of-issue days: Hanukkah (October 6), Kwanzaa (October 13), and Our Lady of Guápulo (October 20), another booklet. All of them are available for pre-ordering now at the USPS Postal Store.  

Holiday Forever 2020 Stamps

Upcoming Holiday Forever 2020 Stamps Begins With Holiday Delights

Holiday Delights booklet #682804
Holiday Delights booklet #682804 USPS

Let’s start with the Holiday Delights booklet #682804 arriving on September 24, 2020 in Frankenmuth, MI, with four stamp designs.

“Inspired by folk art but with a modern graphic vibe, these charming stamps will add a touch of whimsy to your holiday mailings.”

Holiday Forever 2020 Stamps: Hanukkah
Hanukkah Forever stamp 574804 USPS

The four-holiday icons infuse Scandinavian folk art in them: “a prancing reindeer with antlers; an ornament tied with a bow and ready to hang; a tree topped with a star; and a stocking holding a teddy bear and a sprig of holly”

Hanukkah Stamps

Debuting in time for Hanukkah this year (December 10 evening is when it begins this year) is the Hanukkah Forever stamp #575804. October 6, 2020, is the first day of issue, available in a sheet of 20 stamps.

“The stamp art’s colorful digital illustration shows the lighting of the hanukiah on the last evening of Hanukkah. 

Kwanzaa Stamps

Holiday Forever 2020 Stamps: Kwanzaa
Kwanzaa Forever stamp 574900 USPS

Next, there is the Kwanzaa Forever stamp #574904 arrives on October 13, 2020, in a sheet of 20; the first-day-of-issue will be in Nashville, TN. 

“With this new stamp, the Postal Service™ continues its tradition of celebrating Kwanzaa. The annual Pan-African holiday, which takes place over seven days from December 26 to January 1, brings family, community, and culture together for many African Americans.”

Furthermore, the USPS Postal Store is still showing Kwanzaa 2016 Holiday Notecards #556666 with envelopes available in a set of 10, with the coordinating 2016 stamps included for $15.95.

Our Lady of Guápulo Stamps

Our Lady of Guápulo
Our Lady of Guápulo Forever stamp 682904 booklet USPS

Lastly, we have Our Lady of Guápulo Forever stamp #682904 arriving on October 20th in New York, NY. This set is in a book of 20 featuring a detail from the 18th-century oil painting. 

“Painted by an unknown artist in Cuzco, Peru, Our Lady of Guápulo is from the collection of The Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York.”

Ordering First-Day-of-Issue Postmarks Holiday Forever 2020 Stamps

And finally, below I’m including links to the respective Stamp Announcements with ordering information, it is a lot of fun for the DIY to request your own, includes the process details for requesting.

In conclusion, now is a great time to start getting ready for sending Holiday Greetings this year!

Thank you for the emails I’ve been receiving this week from email blog subscribers with their welcome back well wishes along with enthusiasm as we begin this next chapter with AnchoredScraps! See you back here on Sunday for my next blog post. In the meantime, here’s to Thinking of You Week 2020 underway! 

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