Stamps & Chutes (as in Halloween Candy Chute Idea!)

We have Stamps & Chutes on this last Wednesday of October 2020! The Stamps portion of the headline refers to the Drug Free USA stamp (arrived yesterday), and the Winter Scenes Stamps booklet. With Halloween this Saturday, we have a fun video of a candy chute, my thanks to Tally for sharing! It is especially timely if you’ve been looking for a way to still participate in Halloween this year while keeping some distance. 

Stamps & Chutes

Stamps & Chutes

First, I hope the week is finding you well. It has been a joyous week hearing from different friends sharing happy news and success stories in their individual lives.  And Secondly, I’m cognizant this is our first month since beginning AnchoredScraps that we do not have a Monthly Recap given we are no longer having blog posts daily. There is a new category I’ve added which for archives lets you view the  Monthly Recap *Daily Blog* 2015-2020 (67) <- the 67 refers to the 67 consecutive months count!   Third, I would be remiss if I did not give this shout-out of thanks to Caleigh for her help with perfecting today’s blog post title of Stamps & Chutes!

Drug Free USA Stamp

October has found several new stamps from the US Postal Service. We are beginning with this one that had its First Day of Issue yesterday!

Clickable image linking to Drug Free USA Forever stamp (478904), USPS

The Drug Free USA stamp is available in a sheet of 20 stamps that are pressure-sensitive for $11.00. One can also order a Drug Free USA Press Sheet for $66.00.

I’m seeing the September 24, 2020, US Postal Bulletin 22555 features this stamp. It shares the USPS is  joining “… the effort to raise awareness about the dangers of drug use with the release of the Drug Free USA stamp.” This week is the Red Ribbon Week campaign (October 23-October 31) for promoting drug use awareness. Furthermore, over at the USPS Postal Store #478904 it shares more background details.

Should you find yourself wanting to order the First-Day-of-Issue Postmark, there are 120 days for requesting by mail. Here’s the link, Stamp Announcement 20-33: Drug Free USA, to read the fine print and address for requesting.

“The stamp art features a white star with lines of red, light blue, and blue radiating from one side of each of the star’s five points, suggesting the unity necessary at all levels to effectively address drug use.”

Winter Scenes Stamps

You may recall last month we were looking at the Upcoming Holiday Forever 2020 Stamps.

Winter Scenes, USPS, 683004

We have one more for new stamps that one could classify with the Holidays and that is the new Winter Scenes Stamps. It just arrived less than two weeks ago, October 16, 2020. The double-sided booklet of 20 sells for $11.00 of the first-class Forever stamps.

“Winter Scenes celebrates the beauty and serenity of seasonal sights amid snowy landscapes. The ten different photographs featured in this booklet of 20 stamps showcase the special allure of winter with iconic scenes from the northern part of the United States.”

Just as I was including above, here is the link for ordering the First-Day-of-Issue Postmark –  Stamp Announcement 20-31: Winter Scenes Stamps. If you are not able to get the stamps at your local Post Office, they are available by clicking the image of them or here to the USPS Postal Store #683004.

Chutes, as in Halloween Candy Chute Idea!

And finally, if you’ve been looking for a way to still participate in Halloween this year, this idea looks great! Again, my thanks to Tally for sharing the video with me last week. Since viewing it, I’m discovering there are a plethora of different variations of candy chute for adding some distance between yourself and the trick-or-treaters. 

I really like this video as it showcases one dad who creatively uses duct tape with a tube delivering “from his front porch to the sidewalk”.

This video on YouTube is from KSDK News entitled, “Ohio dad creates viral ‘candy chute’ to hand out Halloween candy”.  

YouTube KSDK News, September 17, 2020 "Ohio dad creates viral 'candy chute' to hand out Halloween candy"
YouTube KSDK News, September 17, 2020, clickable image linking to “Ohio dad creates viral ‘candy chute’ to hand out Halloween candy”

Daylight Savings Time ends this Sunday 2 AM 

Don’t forget to set your clock backward an hour at 2AM to 1AM as we return to local standard time.  I’ll see you back here on Sunday as we greet the new month of November 2020! In the meantime, here’s to wishing you a boo-ti-ful Halloween!

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Attribution & Thanks YouTube KSDK News, September 17, 2020; and USPS images and links referencing above.

P.S. In a follow-up to my blog post, Anoka Halloween Capital 100 Years book, their website is now showing the book is “In store now, while supplies last!”; however, I do not find it in the online shop. Perhaps this means it is available for sale at merchants’ stores. I’ll continue to keep an eye out!



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