Leaping into the New Year 2024

Leaping into the New Year 2024 finds me writing the first blog post for the new year. I hope this finds you well and already getting into the new year routine.  

February 2024 will be the THIRD time getting to include blogging about Leap Year. In addition, on February 26, 2024 it will be our 9th year blog anniversary here at AnchoredScraps! With that I am contemplating my blogging schedule and topics for this next year leading up to our 10th blog anniversary in 2025. More on that in February! 

Be sure to check out the post on New Postage Stamps for 2024 over at the Letters & Journals website. Jackie has done a really nice job writing about them. Additionally she has put together a post on How To InCoWriMo in 2024. 

Leaping into the New Year 2024

In looking at the calendar, I’m seeing in the month ahead it will find us having Valentine’s Day also being Ash Wednesday (kicking off the Lenten Season). Easter will be arriving earlier this year, at the end of March 2024.

Lastly, in wrapping up this first post of 2024, I would be remiss if I did not share several dear friends are dealing with the sudden loss of family members. My heart goes out to them and continuing to lift them up in prayers. 

See you back here in the near future.

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