Celebrating 9th Year Blog Anniversary Today!

We are Celebrating 9th Year Blog Anniversary Today!

In looking at the calendar, I did not want the day to get away from us without pausing to send my greetings and continued thanks! I sincerely appreciate you being on the journey with me over these past nine years!

It feels like finally getting unpacked (a lot) from the move and getting into new routine. Earlier today when looking for postage stamps to put onto two outgoing letters, I had to smile seeing I was using from a Christmas booklet of Forever stamps! Thought you would enjoy this observation on my part – that while I could put my hands on stamps knowing where some were located – I’m still getting organized to have all of them accounted for and available!

Additionally, for those of you newer to my blog, here’s the link to my first blog post here where it all started on February 26, 2015. It was appropriately titled “There’s Been Talk!”

Before closing, in the next year as we march towards blog year ten there are several posts I’ve meant to get around to writing that I am looking forward to finally getting to write them.  

Thank you for continuing to be on this blog journey with me. Here’s to the next year ahead together celebrating letter writing!

Anchors Aweigh,  


Celebrating 9th Year Blog Anniversary Today! Blog Post # 2234

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