Remington Rand Model 5 from Helen's manual typewriter collection

Welcome letter writing enthusiasts and those new and/or rediscovering the joys of letter writing. We celebrate letter writing here daily!

AnchoredScraps letter writing blog encourages old-style correspondence through handwritten letters between kindred souls since 2015

Whether the topic focuses on buying your first fountain pen, downloading a printable for jotting down a few whimsical sentiments, sending a post card, dusting off your typewriter, the joys of selecting vintage or new postage to our envelope cachets, adding to our stationery stash, or simply hand-writing a letter – it’s all fun and a daily journey with a daily blog post by Helen Rittersporn. 

Here you will find ongoing encouragement to regularly carve out a few precious moments to connect with others via “old” styles of correspondence, specifically in letter writing. 

AnchoredScraps Letter Writing Blog encourages old-style correspondence through hand written letters between kindred souls since 2015

In celebration of letter writing, I thank you for joining me on my blog and the daily journey of exploring this topic. 

Here’s to snail-mail!

Countdown to AnchoredScraps Milestone #2000 Daily Blog Post August 17, 2020!


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