Balancing Act

Just as we strive for balance in our professional/personal lives, I find the tagline for this blog also has its own built in balance-o-meter!  The tagline for is Balancing new technology communication with old-style corresponding.    If we pause and look back at the daily blog posts since launching the site nine days ago we see this balancing act in play.

Here then is the Blog Posts Recap:

02-26-2015 “There’s Been Talk!” – My  first blog post gives the details about the inspiration for my web name of, tagline and scope declared.  If you haven’t read this blog post yet please do!

02-27-2015 If it’s not in the scrapbook…   Call to action:  Camera – decide now that this weekend you will try out the self-timer and create one tripod-wannabee exercise to use.

02-28-2015  Live Long and Prosper   Remembering Leonard Nimoy

03-01-2015  March right up!  – Today if you will take a few minutes look to see if there are any birthdays this month for family and friends and mark it NOW on your calendar.

03-02-2015  Sew Much to Know – Exploring Digitized Embroidery software

03-03-2015   Timing Is Everything  Planning – decide what vacations / trips to take in next six months

03-04-2015  Enjoying Whimsy  – Won’t you join me in this quest to fly your own kite?

03-05-2015 Cherished Letters – Consider being a pen pal; & check out the movie,  The Letter Writer

Your Call to Action going into this weekend is to look back over this list and see if any items apply to you.  Think of any activities you can do to actively keep your memories anchored.   Thank you for being on this journey with me!

Anchors Aweigh,  




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