Sunshine and Ravioli Pumpkin Seed Label Note Card Set

Seeing the beautiful Pumpkin Seed Label Note Card Set by Sunshine and Ravioli has me delighting in it being Autumn! The handmade set by Sunshine and Ravioli has me thinking of looking for the USPS Seed Packet Stamps from 2015 (link to my blog post on those stamps I’m including below.)

Sunshine and Ravioli

I’m including this image from their Home Page. You really want to spend a few minutes browsing her site.  Product categories include: Bookplates, Notepads, Single Occasion Cards, Thank You Notes, Autumn/Fall, Christmas.

One of the things that caught my attention was her sharing on her About Us page, under “Fun Tidbits About Me!” she “will watch anything with Tom Hanks in it”. If you are new to my blog, there have been several AnchoredScraps letter writing and typewriter themed blog posts referencing Tom Hanks over the past 1300 days (and still counting!)

Image Sunshine and Ravioli Home Page (top part of page) 2018October15 

Read more. Write more. Smile often.

We design stationery for the moments that link us all together. Bookplates that make favorite stories treasured heirlooms, cards that say “I love you”, notepads that keep it all together (write those brilliant ideas down, trust me!) and seasonal decor that makes holidays sparkle. Sunshine and Ravioli has you covered! “

Pumpkin Seed Label Note Card Set

The Fall Autumn Greeting Card of the Pumpkin Seed Label Note Card set sells for $8.95.

“These pumpkin seed pack note cards add a warm, cozy touch to your Autumn correspondence.

• petite A1/4 Bar note cards ( dimensions: 4 7/8″ x 3 1/2″ )

• printed on smooth high quality natural white card stock.

Sunshine and Ravioli Pumpkin Seed Label Note Card Set sold in sets of five note cards / 6 recycled kraft envelopes” …

In conclusion, you may have noticed recently I’ve been looking at a lot of Fall stationery options. With today’s notecards, I’m pretty much set for now for my Autumn Letter Writing plans.

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