Last Call USPS Withdrawing Items Effective 2019 September 30 from Regular Sale

It has been a week since the list came out with Last Call USPS Withdrawing Items Effective 2019 September from Regular Sale announcing the listing of items.

On this Thursday morning, I’m posting early, especially wanting to make sure to avoid any power interruptions with pending winds and rain from approaching Hurricane Dorian.

First, if you have been meaning to order any of these Forever stamps consider today’s blog post last call: Sarah Vaughan, O Beautiful, Flowers From the Garden, Sharks, Oscar de la Renta, Repeal of the Stamp Act, U.S. Flag 2017, and the United States Air Mail–Blue, and Red, Forever Stamps.

Last Call USPS Withdrawing Items Effective 2019 September 30 from Regular Sale

This is the list of Stamps the USPS is completely withdrawing from the USPS Postal Bulletin 22527, effective close-of-business September 30, 2019.

Note I’m including below links to some of my previous AnchoredScraps blog posts on the stamps referencing in the list. There may be others of my blog posts, this was from doing a brief search. In addition, there are numerous stamp products completely withdrawing from sale. Be sure to check the list here.

Item Description
474500 (Forever) Sharks

Check out my AnchoredScraps blog post: Shark Week USPS Shark Stamps Unveiling 7-27-2017

477700 (Forever) United States Air Mail–Blue
477800 (Forever) Flag Act of 1818
477900 (Forever) United States Air Mail–Red
562700 (Forever) Oscar de la Renta PSA Pane of 11

All Things Postal – Clothes Encounters of the Postal Kind 4-11-2017

565300 (Forever) O Beautiful

O Beautiful Forever Stamp 2018 Available 7-05-2018

586400 (Forever) Sarah Vaughan Pane of 16

New Stamps in 2016 Sneak Peek  11-09-2015

586700 (Forever) Repeal of the Stamp Act Souvenir Sheet/10

Repeal of the Stamp Act 1766 stamp released 5-29-2016

672000 (Forever) U.S. Flag 2017 Booklet/20
672100 (Forever) Flowers From the Garden Booklet/20

Flowers From the Garden Forever Stamps 7-18-2017

674700 (Forever) U.S. Flag 2017 Booklet/10

New US Flag Stamp Arriving January 27 12-28-2016

749800 (Forever) U.S. Flag 2017 Coil/100

Join me tomorrow for my Friday blog post. And yes, Hallmark’s Free Card Friday continues.

In the meantime, remember to order any of these stamps at the USPS Postal Store. Some may no longer be available, however, we want to attempt to order while still time and thinking about it. The end of September will be here before we even blink our eyes! 

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Last Call USPS Withdrawing Items Effective 2019 September 30 from Regular Sale Attribution & Thank you to the following who I referenced above –

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