Remembering Dad 90th Birthday Date Today

Dear AnchoredScraps Reader, For my daily blog post today I’m Remembering what would have been my Dad’s 90th Birthday today, born on October 9, 1929.

If you are new to my daily blog celebrating letter writing, in my first blog post over four years ago I shared the inspiration for my blog is my Dad, especially with the naming. At the time we had just lost him a few weeks before unexpectedly.

From my June 5, 2015 post, My Dad, This is me in my High School graduation cap & gown with my Dad from my scrapbook which I took a digital photo

AnchoredScraps is dedicated to his memory. Today is daily blog post #1687 and during that time there are numerous pen pals met through writing this blog. It continues to be a joy and honor to be here as we continue this daily journey together.

I’m including this listing of a few of my favorite blog posts I’ve shared about Dad.

It has been almost five years since losing him, and I’m so grateful for the many life lessons he taught me, and especially his unconditional love and encouragement.

In writing today’s blog post, my reason for sharing today is to stress and encourage you if you still have the wonderful gift of time of still having your Dad around, please give him a hug! Write him a letter! Get him to write something for you with his handwriting.

Before closing, the US Stamp I’m showing is the 1988 25¢ Happy Birthday Special Occasions stamp.

Thank you for letting me share with you today. Sharing and writing about the gift of letter writing and the way it expands and deepens friendships and our connections are priceless and something I continue to be grateful for your participation and support. See you tomorrow!

I’m closing with Happy Birthday Daddy!

Anchors Aweigh,  



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