FutureMe and Enjoying the slack time

Enjoying the slack time is a great way of describing this Saturday on the last weekend of 2019!

It is a perfect time for sending an email to yourself as in using the free FutureMe.org website.

You know all of those things we may be thinking of for next year – go ahead and write yourself now.


The following excerpt is from almost two years ago when I was first sharing about the free service.

“The service is free at FutureMe.org. There is a premium level for $3 (yes, three dollars). The idea is to “Write a letter to the future”. We are actually writing it in email format to then arrive a year, two years, (minimum of 30 days) from when writing.”

As we wrap up, I am hoping the Holidays have been enjoyable for you.

Here’s to enjoying the slack time during this time between Christmas and the New Year AND new decade.

Anchors Aweigh, 



Attribution & Thank you to the following I’m referencing today



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