If I Don’t Come Home: Letters From D-Day book

If I Don’t Come Home: Letters From D-Day book I’m including today on this D-Day 76th Anniversary, June 6, 2020. 

If I Don't Come Home: Letters From D-Day book
Image cover, If I Don’t Come Home: Letters From D-Day book

First of all, in preparing for writing today’s blog, I have been looking for books including letter-writing from D-Day in their timeframe.

Secondly, coming across this book has me looking also for the ITV drama-documentary of the same title I am reading about  in the foreword.

Subsequently, we are beginning with the Kindle Edition of the If I Don’t Come Home: Letters From D-Day 75 page book, over at Amazon.

If I Don’t Come Home: Letters From D-Day book

The book is by Alastair Bannerman. It includes a Foreword and Afterword by Alastair’s three sons, Andrew, Richard, and Tim Bannerman.

Bannerman took part in the D-Day invasion of the 6 June 1944, and was taken prisoner-of-war and reported as ‘missing in action’. His diary, an extended love-letter to his wife, was confiscated by the German army, …”

The description goes on to share about it being “returned to him in a German translation, many years after the war”.

Next, looking at Barnes & Noble for a Nook version, I’m not finding one.

Furthermore, in looking around to find a copy of the movie for viewing, I’m not locating one immediately. I’m going to continue searching for one.

This is a book I’m really looking forward to reading, even if on digital, and not on printed format.

Previous AnchoredScraps D-Day Blog Posts

I’m including this listing with links.

Before closing, the plaque “In Memory of the Allied Invasion of Europe on 6th June 1944” I’m enclosing.

Thank you for joining me today as we honor their memory. 


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