Saturday Spring Sorting Stationery Supplies

This morning we are taking a few minutes for doing some “Saturday Spring Sorting Stationery Supplies” for our letter writing desk area. You may be finding yourself (like I am) with your actual stationery supplies needing a little help with decluttering them!

I’m suggesting taking 30 minutes, set a timer, and see if we can’t do a little decluttering so it is easier to “dash off a handwritten letter”. 

Today’s title is in the spirit of Sumptuous Stationery Selects Stylish School Supplies from my July 16, 2015 blog post.  With us continuing to be celebrating National Card and Letter Writing Month 2018, 

Saturday Spring Sorting Stationery Supplies

Here then are five suggestions for doing a quick sort to enhance our letter writing:

Sunday Letter Writing Organization containers
Image by Helen Rittersporn, from “Sunday Letter Writing Organization” blog post 8-27-2017.

1. Separate correspondence from stationery. What this means is I’m putting all of the letters to reply in one container, getting it out of the way of the stationery. [Sunday Letter Writing Organization 8-27-2017].

2. Put like with like. Any stray return address labels, postage stamps, and/or any goodies for including with letters set aside.

3. Within the stationery keep by type, i.e. put all of the Thank You cards in one area.

4. Don’t forget how handy ziplocs are for organizing. [Ziploc Letter Writing Organization Approach 5-17-2017; More Ziploc Letter Writing Organization & Calendar 5-20-2017]

Gallon Ziploc box for Ziploc Letter Writing Organization Approach blog post

5. Say goodbye – it is okay to get rid of any stationery that no longer speaks to you. If you’ve had those same notecards for several years now and you are never going to write a note on them, please consider giving them away by donating to local thrift store. Or consider recycling, i.e. my post on Recycled Card Program St. Jude’s Ranch for Children, Nevada 12-29-2016.

Furthermore, if you are finding yourself with not really having a letter writing stash of stationery needing decluttering, perhaps there is a hobby, stamp collecting, that is needing a little extra sorting. There is always that drawer in the kitchen to tackle. Happy Letter Writing!

 Anchors Aweigh,  


P.S. There is always the option of clearing everything off the desk surface into a large clear tub. And from that as pulling items out they get sorted into their respective areas. <–In which case, see Item 1 above.

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