Sock Drawer Money & Stationery

What a fun way to start the day with Sock Drawer Money & Stationery. Happy Wednesday on this second day of September. 

First, among my letter writing expressions, (and for that matter on the phone too), invariably the expression comes up. First, this quick question. Do you keep a small stash for “Sock Drawer Money”? I still recall a dear roommate during my Junior year who stashed her jewelry in her socks (truly!).

For some background on the expression of Sock Drawer Money – the amount can vary. There are times when I am most grateful to find four individual dollar bills in the stash! And then a big hooray when finding a five-dollar, ten dollars, or even a twenty-dollar bill in there. Furthermore, it is best to not have a count but rather just tuck a few dollars away from time to time. There will be times when having to go out the door to an event, and cash is needed and there will not be time to go to the ATM, and you will be so grateful knowing you had a few dollars to pull out and use. Just remember to resupply.  (Perhaps back in the day instead of a sock, it was in a coffee can!)

Sock Drawer Money & Stationery 

Next, so the joy of having this is to keep in parallel a running list of items would love to splurge on if the “Sock Drawer Money” ever substantially grows. And this brings me to the sentiment of a splurge list for adding Stationery.

Which now brings us to this item for sharing. Should you find yourself today with a few dollars and looking for a splurge, I have to say I’m looking at ordering MORE of the beautiful Fine Art Notecards over at the Etsy shop Farmhouse Greetings! You may recall us looking at her Daisy Bell Notecards back on July 26, 2020.

In the near future, I’m going to be adding a new category here at AnchoredScraps and call it, of course, “Sock Drawer Money” or something similar “Add to Sock Drawer Money List for future consideration.” Stay tuned.

sock drawer money

Before closing, I’m thinking of different expressions I’ve shared here over the past five-plus years on this daily blog journey. It is bringing to mind several blog posts I’ve written including: ‘moving the cannonballs’, The flight of the bumblebee (for time mgmt), and beginning with my very first blog post here – “There’s Been Talk!”.

Thank you for joining me today for Sock Drawer Money & Stationery! See you tomorrow for my Thursday blog post.

 Anchors Aweigh,  





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