Welcoming Happy New Year 2023!

We are Welcoming the HAPPY NEW YEAR 2023! It is hard to believe this is blog post #2200 since first beginning back on February 26, 2015. In my email inbox this morning was my FutureMe greeting – which I wrote to myself a year ago today on their free service.

As we kick off the New Year, New Quarter, and New Month I especially enjoyed watching all of the New Year’s Eve Countdown Fireworks Celebrations on YouTube from around the world last night.

HAPPY NEW YEAR 2023_#2200 JAN012023

Writing a (email) letter to my FutureMe

FutureMe.org screenshot January 1, 2023

As in previous blog posts here usually on or around January 1, I like to mention the wonderful FutureMe.org. They do have their premium level for $3 (yes, three dollars). The idea is to “Write a letter to the future”.  They have sent over 20 million letters in 20 years!

Previous AnchoredScraps New Years Blog Posts

Each year for my first blog post of the year, I like to include the listing of previous New Year’s blog posts which I’m also doing today.

Here’s to wishing you good health and happiness this year. See you back here next Sunday as we include looking at the new 2023 USPS stamps arriving this month, so far I’m seeing eight! Happy New Year 2023!

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Attribution & Thanks: FutureMe.org (link above)



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