Reminder on Making Time for Backups

We are beginning the new week with this Reminder on Making Time for Backups. On an aside, Day 1 of the hardwood floors installation went fantastic today! So far so good. Also, my sincere thanks for the many emails today on celebrating yesterday’s Milestone of AnchoredScraps #1600 days of daily blogging.

Quick, if I were to ask you when the last time you ran backups which of the following best describes it for you?

  • a) within the last week
  • b) 1-4 WEEKS ago
  • c)  1- 3 MONTHS ago
  • d) varies between a) b) and c) during the year
  • d) once in 2019
  • e) yikes!

Reminder on Making Time for Backups

The motivating factor and impetus driving this is getting all family beach photos from last week onto Cloud, and Seagate 3TB External Hard Drive for redundancy.

With it being the 15th of July, I’m seeing on the calendar we are almost half-way through the month and Third Quarter 2019.

Furthermore, it is time to do a full sweep of my laptop, and of the smartphone too! And yes, please be sure to have your name and address book (whatever format you are using) a full backup made!

Anchors Aweigh,  


P.S. Today is daily blog post #1601 as we begin our trek to #1700!

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