AnchoredScraps 1100th Daily Blog Post Today

We are welcoming the month of March 2018 with Celebrating AnchoredScraps 1100th Daily Blog Post Today! It was just earlier this week on Monday we were celebrating AnchoredScraps Third Year Blogging Daily Anniversary.

If you are new to my blog each 100 daily blog posts we pause to celebrate the Milestone!

My focus today is to say Thank You!

Thank you for the friends I continue to meet through blogging here daily encouraging letter writing. My sincere thanks to the email blog subscribers here who will send a email or use the contact form to say hi. Thank you! Especially my Pen Pal letter writing friends who “get” the delight of opening a letter and getting to sit down and enjoy the opening, reading, re-reading, and then replying corresponding analog in a digital world.

My ongoing continued thanks to my Mom who continues to cheer!, and My Three Muses here at AnchoredScraps Ellen, Tally, and Debbie – thank you so much! In addition Frank, Vicki, Nancy, Christine, Sara. Stamp club buddies Jimmy, Bruce, and Richard. I’m going to be getting permission with PenPals to begin listing their first names here for the next 100 Milestone!  Thank you Mack Collier for hosting #blogchat on Twitter each Sunday night!

Below is a summary list with most recent of Milestone blog posts here since launching
AnchoredScraps 1100th Daily Blog Post Today


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It continues to be a joy to write my daily blog encouraging letter writing!

This continues to be my favorite quote of mine that I repeat at each 100th blog post, originating with “Celebrating blog post 200!

“Any tendency for procrastination must be contained to with-in the 24 hours each day because the time stamp is going to occur regardless.  … What we do during each 24 hour period does make a difference in reaching our goals – and it is important to not just think about it but to actually take action.”   – Helen Rittersporn

Today I’m recalling my New Year’s Eve 2015 post; making the analogy of keeping up with Tribbles with keeping up with the number of daily blog posts here to read. In the Star Trek 1967 44th episode there were Tribbles everywhere! Thank you to my husband and our almost two-year old “puppy” Cooper who make writing my daily blog post a fun worthwhile event; they do an amazing job of reading each post!

In conclusion, think of a goal you are wanting to achieve in the next one hundred days! The quest begins tomorrow with the trek (I’m paws-ing to see if you smiled reading this sentence syntax) to 1200 Daily Blog post Milestone – the date will be June 9, 2018, Saturday. If the goal needs a little longer, then how about 150 days from today for achieving? The next “big milestone” will be Sunday, July 29, 2018 1250 Daily Blog Post Milestone!

Thank you again for being on this daily journey with me. Join me tomorrow as we greet the first Friday in March!

 Anchors Aweigh,  


AnchoredScraps 1100th Daily Blog Post Today Attribution & Thank you to the following who are referenced today

How Do You Blog Every Day For 1,000 Straight Days? by Mack Collier, November 19, 2017. milestone daily blog posts referenced today, all by Helen Rittersporn. “Auld Lang Syne” & Tribbles (& December 2015 AnchoredScraps Recap), 12-31-2015. Today’s blog post is being added to the category of AnchoredScraps Milestone Blogposts.



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