New USPS Stamp Announcements & AnchoredScraps February 2019 Daily Blog Recap

Here it is the 28th of February and time for AnchoredScraps February 2019 Daily Blog Recap. It is the last official day of #InCoWriMo 2019, and I’ll be continuing to write and send my letters.

New USPS Stamp Announcements

Today in the USPS Postal Bulletin, it includes announcing the new postcard Coral Reefs Stamps debuting on March 29, 2019; the upcoming Marvin Gaye Stamp arriving April 02; the Post Office Murals Stamps arrive on April 10th. It also includes Star Ribbon Stamp Announcement Update, the stamp is not automatically pushing out the pane of 20 stamps to local Post Offices, I’m happy they will be available online for purchase if I’m not able to buy them locally.

Vintage photo, February 28th. Date of 28 February on wooden cube calendar

Highlights of February include us celebrating my 4th Anniversary of blogging daily earlier this week on Tuesday, February 26th. We are getting closer to daily blog post #1500 on April 5th, this month saw #1437 to #1464.

If you are new to my blog, each month on the last day of the month I include a recap summary listing. It is helpful for catching up on reading and may have missed and/or want to be re-reading again.

AnchoredScraps February 2019 Blog Recap

DateDaily Blog Letter Writing Blog Title Post #
2/1/2019 Day 1 InCoWriMo2019 February Letter Writing #1437
2/2/2019 Sun Prarie WI Groundhog Day 2019 Pictorial Postmark #1438
2/3/2019 Pancakes Watercolor Card #1439
2/4/2019 Typewriter Happy Mail Sticker #1440
2/5/2019 Final stamp in the Lunar New Year series: 2019 Year of the Boar Forever stamp #1441
2/6/2019 Printable Pencil Write Stuff Valentine #1442
2/7/2019 Military Working Dogs Forever stamp 2019 #1443
2/8/2019 Requests for Kindergarten Class 100 Postcards & WWII Veteran Turning 93 Early Birthday Cards #1444
2/9/2019 Celebrating Gregory Hines Forever 2019 Stamp #1445
2/10/2019 Postmark’d Studio Snail Mailer Enamel Pin #1446
2/11/2019 Overcoming Procrastination with Napoleon Hill 17 Principles Poster #1447
2/12/2019 Printable DIY Valentine Paper Airplane #1448
2/13/2019 Ginger P. Designs Valentine Printables 2019 #1449
2/14/2019 Cooper, Valentine’s Pictorial Postmarks 2019 & Celebrating AnchoredScraps 1450th Daily Blog Post Milestone Today #1450
2/15/2019 Star Ribbon Forever Stamp Arriving 2019 March 22 #1451
2/16/2019 Current Catalog Presidents’ Day Sale Free Shipping Any Order #1452
2/17/2019 Vintage USA President Pencils Collectible Set of 34 #1453
2/18/2019 45 United States Presidents Character Writing Worksheets Zaner-Bloser Beginning Cursive #1454
2/19/2019 Moorea Seal 52 Lists Postcards Set Book #1455
2/20/2019 Sea Glass Letter Opener #1456
2/21/2019 USPS Cactus Flowers 2019 Forever Stamp Booklets #1457
2/22/2019 Vectoria Designs Vintage Ephemera Envelopes printable #1458
2/23/2019 Alabama Statehood Forever Stamp First Day of Issue Today #1459
2/24/2019 And the Bohemian Style Mini Envelopes Please … #1460
2/25/2019 USPS Cactus Flower Notecards Stationery Set #1461
2/26/2109 AnchoredScraps Fourth Year Blogging Daily Anniversary #1462
2/27/2019 Gouache Paintings Vintage Typewriter Postcards #1463
2/28/2019 AnchoredScraps February 2019 Blog Recap #1464

Thank you for joining me today. Here’s to a great month of March in front of us – see you tomorrow!

Anchors Aweigh,  


AnchoredScraps February 2019 Daily Blog Recap Attribution & Thank you to the following who I am referencing today

USPS Postal Bulletin 22514 Stamp Announcements: 19-11: Star Ribbon Stamp Update; 19-12: Coral Reefs Stamps; 19-13: Marvin Gaye Stamp; 19-14: Post Office Murals Stamps, images Vintage photo, February 28th ID 85744395 © Ratmaner

Images for each entry shown have attributions on their respective individual posts; All February 2019 blog posts written by Helen Rittersporn.

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