January 2016 Recap

January 2016 Recap is our Sunday blog post today.  Today makes daily blog post number 340 !

It is hard to believe today wraps up the first month of 2016.  And in looking ahead this coming Tuesday is Ground Hog Day reminding me to plan on watching (again) the Bill Murray classic!

My order of five Red Pears Stamps arrived in the mail this past Friday and it is fun planning to use them with upcoming letters being sent out.  I’m planning on including one on each of handwritten letters being sent to some AnchoredScraps.com blog email subscribers here that I have addresses for already, if you would like to provide your snail mail my Contact page is available.  Perhaps you will be one of the five people who receive one – just please make sure to keep the stamp!

Today we are looking at a recap for the month of January 2016 along with the blog post number which is included (in table format).

 AnchoredScraps.com January 2016 Recap

 2000_Scott #3369_NewYearStamp Jan. 01 Star Trek stamps announced beaming in 2016 310
 dreamstime_xs_64171103 Jan. 02 Planning 2016 Letter writing goals 311
 dreamstime_xs_44419205 Jan. 03 54 days away countdown 312
P1020089 Jan. 04 Making our own envelopes 313
 MysticStamp#4847 – 2014 46c Love-Cut Paper Heart Jan. 05 Postal Museum Valentine’s Day Card Workshop 314
 dreamstime_xs_27288660 Jan. 06 1.6.16 315
 dreamstime_xs_27707055 Jan. 07 Nancy Drew, and Raymond Reddington 316
 Elvis #2721 – 1993 29c Elvis Presley Jan. 08 Elvis Presley’s birthday 317
 dreamstime_xs_35309937 Jan. 09

“Heart and Souls” (& old vintage stamps)

 dreamstime_xs_36528408 Jan. 10 Linn’s 2015 U.S. stamp popularity poll 319
 #C135 – 2000 60c Grand Canyon Jan. 11 Grand Canyon Letters 320
 dreamstime_xs_28933341 Jan. 12 “Dere Mr. President”: The Hilarious Letters Kids Write to the President 321
 QuilledPaperHeartForever2016US Jan. 13 Quilled Paper Heart stamps available 322
 dreamstime_xs_33864521 Jan. 14 Remembering Alan Rickman & “Bottle Shock” 323
HomefrontHugsUSA Jan. 15 Homefront Hugs USA Valentines 324
 1966_Chevy_Van_-The_Mystery_Machine- Jan. 16 “Scooby-Doo! The Mystery Begins” & stamps 325
 dreamstime_xs_56243519 Jan. 17 “The Baker Street Letters” 326
USStamp_1771 – 1979 15c Martin Luther King Jr__square Jan. 18 “Letter from Birmingham Jail” 327
 dreamstime_xs_24053220 Jan. 19 Postage Rate Increase 328
 10centRedPears2016ForeverStamp Jan. 20 10 Thousand Red Pears Stamps 329
 dreamstime_xs_12483668 Jan. 21 Recycled Calendar Stationery 330
 2015 49c Charlie Brown at Mailbox Jan. 22 Charlie Brown Christmas Stamp Caption Contest 331
 dreamstime_xs_40629935 Jan. 23 National Handwriting Day 2016 332
 dreamstime_xs_35597158 Jan. 24 AnchoredScraps Sunday Mail bag 333
 dreamstime_xs_32758972 Jan. 25 On the horizon 334
 FigmentsStudioStationery Jan. 26 Figments Studio Stationery 335
 LetterHound2 Jan. 27 Mail Holders 336
 Melissa&DougStampAndSortMailbox Jan. 28 Stamp and Sort Mailbox by Melissa & Doug 337
 4-snail-mail-ideasJennaTempleton Jan. 29 “Fun Snail Mail Ideas” 338
 dreamstime_xs_32874295 Jan. 30 Undated letters and cards 339
 dreamstime_xs_29101448 Jan. 31 January 2016 Recap 340

Thank you for continuing to be on this daily blog post journey with me. Join me tomorrow as we kick off a new month and a new work week! February will bring a Leap Year month and will find us celebrating my One Year Anniversary of blogging daily since launching on February 26, 2015!   Wishing you a joyous Sunday!

 Anchors Aweigh,  


Attribution & Thank you to the following who are referenced today —

All AnchoredScraps.com blog posts written by Helen Rittersporn, above for January 2016

AnchoredScraps.com blog post When we don’t know the answer October 26, 2015  written by Helen Rittersporn

AnchoredScraps.com blog post “There’s Been Talk!”  February 26, 2015  written by Helen Rittersporn



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