AnchoredScraps Daily Blog Post Number 1300 Milestone

Today is AnchoredScraps daily blog post number 1300 milestone! You’ll notice it is written with a bit of whimsy with all things 1300 in some aspect of everything including the kitchen sink!

Image of 1300 LINCOLN WHEAT Pennies in a tin box.

Looking Ahead 200 Days

In looking ahead, 200 days from today will be Friday, April 5, 2019, for AnchoredScraps daily blog post #1,500!

Between now and then, we will have already been celebrating Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years, Valentines, St. Patrick’s.

Pelican 1300 Camera Case

We will have already been celebrating AnchoredScraps 4th Year Anniversary of blogging daily.  The timing means, it will be two weeks before Good Friday of Easter Weekend 2019.

Perhaps the majority of clean-up for Hurricane Florence will be behind us by then!

100 Days from Today

In case you are already wondering, 100 days from today will be Wednesday, December 26, 2018; the day after Christmas for daily blog post #1,400!

Images: Duracell Powerpack Pro 1300; Houzer STS-1300-1 Eston Series Undermount Stainless Steel Single Bowl Kitchen Sink.

Furthermore, have fun looking at these items. And hint, hint, expect to see me referencing them in a future AnchoredScraps trivia contest!

AnchoredScraps Milestone Summary #1,300 Celebrating Letter Writing!

1300 in Roman Numerals is MCCC; image by Helen.

It continues to amaze me how each day adds up and we blink our eyes and another 100 days have passed.  Thank you for continuing to be on this daily blog journey with me!

Just as I do each 100 daily blog posts milestone, below is a summary listing of previous since launching

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Returning to a Sense of Normalcy Post Hurricane Florence

In the midst of so much uncertainty, I’m finding doing things which provide a “sense of normalcy” very comforting. I’m grateful I’m able to continue blogging daily even with the aftermath of Hurricane Florence still unfolding.

The writing a letter to a friend, even if no idea when it will ever arrive, I still find of comfort; it is a routine I’m wanting to still continue to include these days.

It could be our outgoing letters will sit in an “outbox” for a while, but they are there the promise of back to normalcy on the horizon.

Here’s to looking ahead to the next 200 days, to six and a half months from now! 

 Anchors Aweigh,

AnchoredScraps Daily Blog Post Number 1300 Milestone Attribution & Thank you to the following who are referenced today

Etsy image of 1300 LINCOLN WHEAT Pennies

Duracell Powerpack Pro 1300

Houzer STS-1300-1 Eston Series Undermount Stainless Steel Sink

Pelican 1300 Camera Case, image

Roman Numerals milestone daily blog posts referenced today, all by Helen Rittersporn. Today’s blog post is being added to the category of AnchoredScraps Milestone Blogposts.





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