“Mark this off the list” & May 2015 Recap

As we wrap up the month of May 2015 here is a sentiment for us to embrace moving forward in our list making: “Mark this off the list”.

Yesterday while at a scrapbooking event I was catching up with a dear friend and she shared a story from early on in her professional career.  In their office her boss was a master list maker and she noticed that on the chalk board there was a item “Mark this off the list” and asked about it.   While discussing it he marked a line through it on the chalk board showing it completed.   The answer was with a long to do list you have to have a few ‘easy things’ to mark off the list to get some momentum going and to have a sense of accomplishment.  It sounded brilliant to me and I said I would be sharing it here.  Now we have something to add to our list:  Mark this off the list!

Anchored Actions
From “Anchored Actions” April 26, 2015 blogpost by Helen

The response I’ve gotten from the initial printing of the Anchored Actions to do lists I’ve shared with friends and family has been enthusiastic!  There is an order in with the printer and as soon as its ready it will be added to the Anchored Scraps/Store.

“Do something every day that you don’t want to do; this is the golden rule for acquiring the habit of doing your duty without pain.” – Mark Twain


“Isn’t it amazing how much stuff we get done the day before vacation?”  – Zig Ziglar 


“The key is not to prioritize what’s on your schedule, but to schedule your priorities.” – Stephen Covey

AnchoredScraps.com May 2015 Recap

This month we had a recurring theme woven among some of the blog posts of service to others and honoring Memorial Day.   We spent some time on organizing ourselves to share our favorite recipes in letters and we even looked at listing your favorite five songs from movies and suggested sharing in a letter.  

If we look back at the month of May as far as actual letter writing – how did you do with writing a ‘real’ letter and putting a stamp onto it and getting it into the mail this month?  Personally I know of several of the email subscribers here get gold stars as I especially enjoyed our snail mail with each other!  With one friend she told me whereas last month she was just reading the blog posts, she is now ‘thinking’ about actually writing a letter which is a big step!   As much as we like that ideal of hand written letters please know I’m very happy to receive the emails that I get too! The tagline for AnchoredScraps.com is “Balancing new technology communication with old-style corresponding” – remembering how important balance is in our lives!  

Image Date Title Daily Blog Post #
  May 01, 2015 Tra la! It’s May! … #65
  May 02 Complement Déjà vu: Scrap and Design #66
 Notes May 03 Typewritten Letters (USB optional) #67
  May 04 Our letters reflecting pop culture: May the Fourth be With You ! #68
  May 05 Sending Letters of Thanks to our Teachers #69
  May 06 Celebrating National Nurses Day (& Week!) #70
May 07 Stamp Out Hunger #71
  May 08 Remembering 70th Anniversary of VE Day … #72
  May 09 Special Olympics commemorative forever stamp debuts today #73
May 10 Happy Mother’s Day ! – “I Remember Mama” #74
  May 11 Letters from the kitchen #75
May 12 Recipe letters #76
  May 13 Kitchen recipe-storage treasures #77
May 14 Creating our own recipe cards #78
  May 15 Creating the fine print #79
  May 16 Celebrating 80th daily blogpost! #80
May 17 Sharing our cherished recipes #81
  May 18 Forever® Forget-Me-Not stamp debuts today #82
  May 19 Honoring May 17-23 is National EMS Emergency Medical Services Week #83
  May 20 Celebrating Charles Lindbergh Spirit of St. Louis! #84
  May 21 Paws-ing for May flowers #85
  May 22 Now taking pre-orders for AnchoredScraps.com book #86
  May 23 “In Flanders Fields” #87
  May 24 Serving without the camera during WWII #88
  May 25 Memorial Day Forever® Medal of Honor stamp debuts today #89
  May 26 In praise of a cup of tea #90
  May 27 “MARK TWAIN’S LETTERS 1853-1910, COMPLETE”  This includes the photo from Twitter of William Shatner being cast as Mark Twain in Season 9 MurdochMysteries. #91
  May 28 Pure Imagination – Who knew my tweet showing the Oompa Loompas with green hair would be one of the highest re-tweeted! #92
  May 29 Discovering TeaMap powered by adagio teas #93
  May 30 Dad’s typewriter #94
  May 31 “Mark this off the list” & May 2015 Recap #95

Join me tomorrow as we begin the new month of June!

Anchors Aweigh,  


__________Addendum: Note the above table format updated April 24, 2018 to include Thumbnail images from header of each post



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