From A to Z (March 2015 & February 2015 AnchoredScraps Recap)

We are covering items from A to Z today on AnchoredScraps.comBeginning with Z: There is a time sensitive Zig Ziglar Kickstarter that I wanted to call to your attention. And ending with A: As in  

Right after getting out of college I was fortunate to hear Zig Ziglar speak live for the first time and then years later got to see him present live again!  I still listen to cherished audio cassette tapes by him.  Please consider this opportunity – thank you in advance.

Zig  – The KickStarter “project is an Orion21 studios initiative fully supported by Ziglar INC. We need to raise funds to pay for expenses. None of the interviewees or Ziglar Inc. will be compensated for their time. This is a project to help more people get to know Zig Ziglar story and benefit from his teachings.

 In this documentary we will show how Zig Ziglar changed his own life from that of a failed salesman to a world-renowned bestselling author and motivational speaker, through the words of extremely successful people who are grateful for having listened to “that” tape or read “that” book.  Seth Godin, Dave Ramsey, Howard Partridge, Bob Beaudine and many others.”      The Kickstarter page says “This project will only be funded if at least $250,000 is pledged by . “

Did you notice the Peeps?   They seemed perfect for wrapping up the month of March today, From A to Z, as we continue our theme of Easter!  Both photos shown today were taken by me. Here the Peeps out enjoying the day! Before any photographer encounter – see photo at top of page on left side.

March 2015 Recap

Image Date Title Daily Blog Post #
  March 01, 2015

March right up! 3-01-2015 Plan your calendar for March, and stamps. com

  March 02

Sew Much to Know 3-02-2015 Digital Embroidery Meets Card Making

  March 03

Timing Is Everything 3-03-2015  Planning the next six months – goal setting

 Enjoying Whimsy March 04 Enjoying Whimsy 3-04-2015  Let’s go fly a Kite! #07
  March 05 Cherished Letters 3-05-2015 Consider being a pen pal; & check out the movie, The Letter Writer #08
  March 06 Balancing Act 3-06-2015 Balancing what gets posted here at #09
 Spring Ahead March 07 Spring Ahead 3-07-2015 Celebrating Spring! #10
  March 08 “life in lower case letters” 3-08-2015 Lessons from DadIn praise of Nat Geo magazine #11
  March 09 Behind the Banner 3-09-2015  Showcasing all of the items in the banner photo #12
  March 10 Scrapbooking resources: Panstoria & pixels2Pages 3-10-2015 Review of these two digital scrapbooking resources #13
  March 11 Crate Solutions 3-11-2015 Getting organized with crates, fantastic pattern for making fabric liners for plastic milk crates shared #14
  March 12 Dappled Morning Sun 3-12-2015 Capturing the morning sun was streaming in through the plantation shutters onto the white pine bookcase #15
  March 13 Potpourri Update 3-13-2015 Rest of the Story follow-up from previous blog posts #16
March 14 You are here 3-14-2015  Navigating the website #17
  March 15 Write Now 3-15-2015  In praise of writing letter #18
  March 16 March Madness Milestones 3-16-2015 First weekly theme debuted: March Madness Milestones”; recalled Dad’s story behind the expression of “With a mighty leap”, and recognizing “My Three Muses”. #19
  March 17 Paws-ing for St. Patrick’s 3-17-2015 Introducing Cuddy, the power of journaling, and supporting pet adoption American Brittany Rescue and Pender County Humane Society #20
  March 18 Making It a Habit 3-18-2015 Setting habits of value, ‘delayed gratification’, Stephen Covey, Seth Godin, and movie “Sister Act” #21
  March 19 What’s Your Type?   3-19-2015 True Type fonts and why we love them #22
  March 20 Spring Into Action! 3-20-2015  At least think about doing your Taxes and updating you Will #23
  March 21 Spring Cleaning 3-21-2015  Consider taking less than an hour this weekend to begin thinking of decluttering and perhaps some tidying up around your home. #24
  March 22 Spring Break 3-22-2015  My encouragement to you is to take one this year even if it is for one day, one weekend, or for a week – the point is to get away! #25
  March 23 Return to Sender 3-23-2015  Second weekly theme: Getting ourselves organized with our personal correspondence #26
  March 24 Please Mr. Postman  3-24-2015 Defining our scope of who you WANT to regularly correspond #27
  March 25 “The Wells Fargo Wagon is …”  3-25-2015 The reason I have included it in today’s blog is to stop and pause at how our communication has changed in 100+ years since that time setting.    And how relieved you are going to be that our exercise today does not restrict you to the technology back then – unless you choose to do all this by paper and pen! #28
  March 26 Milestone: Celebrating Month One!  3-26-2015 We celebrate today being one month since launching this blog on February 26, 2015 and having posted daily!   Debut of email subscriber photos showcased with blog. #29
  March 27 Making the time to write 3-27-2015 Motivation for getting ourselves organized so we can take advantage of “The Shop Around the Corner” when out and about town. #30
  March 28 .csv is 4me 3-28-2015 We are looking at .csv files and how to use them as a tool for exporting and importing our names and addresses. #31
  March 29 Linking it Together 3-29-2015 We conclude the import/export steps of our .csv file to help with our address book #32
  March 30 An Egg-cellent Wreath 3-30-2015 New weekly theme: Easter!  It is important to be reminded that today – is a great day for getting into the mail any Easter cards to send to family and friends. #33
  March 31 Today’s post!  From A to Z  3-31-2015  Kickstarting Zig and March 2015 Recap #34

So there we have it from A to Z !  Join me tomorrow for the new month where we will go over the April calendar and that’s no joke!

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& February 2015 AnchoredScraps Recap

Image Date Title Daily Blog Post #

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