AnchoredScraps April 2020 Recap Daily Blog

The AnchoredScraps April 2020 Recap of this daily blog is the focus today as we look at all of them for this month.

In addition, today is a joy finally getting the bird bath fountain for the garden on the back porch now has the water running! This is definitely something that I know made its way to my done list as a result of the stay-at-home in place this entire month.

Noteworthy is with April 2020 seeing daily blog post numbers #1862 to #1891, we continue on trek to #1900 in May! (And with 2000 in August 2020!)

Below I’m including a summary listing along with links. In case you are new to my blog, as is the case each month on the last day, the summary recap is done on the last day of every month. This is especially helpful if wanting to re-read or go back and catch up in case missed any along the way.  


Here is the BlogGrid showing AnchoredScraps April 2020 Recap Daily Blog

Next month, we will be entering the month (at least here in North Carolina) with the stay-in-place until May 8th currently.

In addition, below is the recap with the blog post number count for reference.

Anchors Aweigh,  


AnchoredScraps April 2020 Recap Daily Blog

4/1/2020Hallmark #CareEnough Free Three Card Pack – No Kidding!1862
4/2/2020Printable Postcard Template Airmail Red & Blue1863
4/3/2020Adorable Easter Pink Lined Printable Stationery at CreationsByLouCo Etsy1864
4/4/2020Pony Express Commemorative Bundle at Mystic Stamp Co1865
4/5/2020Vatican City Postage Stamp 1946, Vatican Easter Stamp 2020, & Some Vatican Postmarks1866
4/6/2020GingerPDesigns Easter Egg Greeting Card1867
4/7/2020On sewing DIY Face Masks to give away1868
4/8/2020Vintage Easter Digital Postcards by RomanticaArts1869
4/9/2020Suay Face Mask Sewing Pattern1870
4/10/2020Good Friday 2020 & Upcoming Andrea Bocelli Easter Sunday Live Music for Hope April 121871
4/11/2020How the virus stole Easter by Kristi Bothur1872
4/12/2020Happy Easter 2020 and movie The Two Popes1873
4/13/2020American Garden Stamps 2020 Forever1874
4/14/2020National Card and Letter Writing Month 2020 & COMPENDIUM Let’s Celebrate Delightfully Awesome Postcards1875
4/15/2020Ayn Rand 33c Stamp 1999 Literary Arts Series1876
4/16/2020USA Philatelic 2020 Spring Available beginning today1877
4/17/2020Apollo 13 Safe Return Pictorial Postmark 50th Anniversary1878
4/18/2020Wildlife of America Booklet 19811879
4/19/2020USPS Drawn together coloring page & USPS Stamp Sales Are Up1880
4/20/2020Palmer Method Penmanship Business Writing 1915 Printable1881
4/21/2020Greetings from … Postcards of National Parks Across America1882
4/22/2020New USPS Earth Day Stamp 50th Anniversary1883
4/23/2020Morse Code Washi Tape1884
4/24/2020Revisiting Round Tuit Letter-Writing1885
4/25/2020The Daily Dog Digital Devotional from Guideposts1886
4/26/2020Recent Survival Podcast Episodes on generating additional sources of income1887
4/27/2020Mother’s Day Gift Idea: Bloomin Thanks A Bunch Seed Paper Greeting Cards & Today is #18881888
4/28/2020Breathe Deep, The Moody Blues & The Written Works of Graeme Edge1889
4/29/2020World Stationery Day 2020 & SprattsDesigns Bullet Journal Stencils1890
4/30/2020April monthly recap1891

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